Bill O’Brien is not your typical politician.

Raised as the son of an Army officer, Bill O’Brien was born on a military base and spent much of his youth on military bases around the world as his father – and truly his whole family – served our nation.

It was through this experience that Bill first saw what many don’t see: the devastation caused by nations who turn their back on democracy, on freedom, on entrepreneurship, and on our system of capitalism which has made America great.

Bill was in Germany as it struggled to recover from the horrendous era of the Nazis under Hitler and, due to a business trip which took him back, Bill was there as the Berlin Wall fell. He walked the streets entering East Germany to see the devastation of Socialism bent on Communism, a system where personal freedoms were repressed, and the economy sputtered under the weight of too much government control.

It was with that background that Bill later chose to settle in the “Live Free or Die” state and following law school and private practice, Bill ran for and became not only a Legislator in New Hampshire but also one of New Hampshire’s leaders as Speaker of the House.

As the Speaker of the New Hampshire House Bill O’Brien made personal freedom, liberty, and economic growth a hallmark of his leadership. He knows people come first, not government.

Bill’s proven leadership produced results.

Working with other Legislators, Bill O’Brien helped eliminate wasteful spending – more than $1 billion worth. He helped pass a budget with no new taxes and no increased fees all the while maintaining necessary education funding.  Bill helped eliminate the auto registration surcharge fee while also lowering costs and eliminating red tape for small business job creators. 

To protect funds for the truly needy – and not the greedy – he helped put in new safeguards to ensure welfare applicants have their identity and financial information verified before receiving payments.  To ensure all New Hampshire citizens know how the government is spending their money he helped require that state agencies post their spending information on the state’s website.

A New Hampshire job creator and entrepreneur, Bill is a business owner in the technology sector, who has helped businesses and organizations safeguard their privacy an era of increased foreign espionage and cyber threats.

Married for more than 45 years, Bill and his wife Roxanne are the proud parents of two daughters and a son who followed in his footsteps by earning a law degree and practicing law as a prosecutor. 

With one daughter working in the important field of pharmaceutical testing and another in organic food research, Bill recognizes his daughters’ success comes from being strong, independent women.

– A common sense conservative and lover of freedom
– An entrepreneur and job creator
– A husband and father
– A Speaker of New Hampshire’s House who is proven and tested
– A young man who saw the devastations of socialism, and vowed never to allow it to happen in America

All descriptions for Bill O’Brien, New Hampshire’s next United States Senator.

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