Border Security and Legal Immigration

We must secure our borders and end illegal immigration.

Statistics show there were more apprehensions in one month on our Southern Border than the total population of Manchester, our largest city.

Urging people to cross our border illegally or allowing people to take advantage of a broken asylum process has created a humanitarian crisis, a fiscal burden on U.S. taxpayers, and a strain on the hard working men and woman in both Customs and Border Patrol and ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

I support LEGAL immigration.  My own son-in-law who I love dearly is a new citizen. 

But those who break the law to come here must leave.  And those who want to come here illegally must be stopped.   

Jeanne Shaheen has a different position.

Shaheen has voted repeatedly to encourage illegal immigration by shielding sanctuary cities who throw out a welcome mat for those entering illegally.

When it comes to illegal immigration, I simply believe Illegal is Illegal.

So unlike Jeanne Shaheen, I will oppose federal support for any city that seeks to help or shield others who have broken federal immigration law.  I will support fixing our border including building a stronger, longer wall.

Because an open border is not only an open invitation for illegal immigrants, it is also an open invitation for drug smugglers and human traffickers who are helping create an opioid crisis here in New Hampshire and enabling those who seek to abuse women and children.