Foreign Policy

Standing Tall for America, Opposing Weak Foreign Policy Decisions

  • We must maintain our military superiority and readiness with armed forces that are outfitted with equipment that is second to none anywhere in the world.
  • We must ensure that trade deals put our country on a level playing field with our trading partners.  Free trade must be fair trade.
  • We must guard against cyber warfare.
  • We must ensure that our American ideas are protected from those who would steal our technology or intellectual property.

As our next Senator I will stand tall for America to ensure that our interests are maintained in the world.  I support the President in his efforts to rein in those who seek to steal our intellectual property or unfairly profit off our markets without opening up their markets to Americans.

I will also oppose bad foreign policy deals like the failed Iran Nuclear Deal.

Jeanne Shaheen voted for the failed Iran Nuclear Deal – a deal American Jewish leaders called “unacceptable” and continued to give Iran a path to nuclear weapons.

Worse, CNN reported her vote led to a secret deal where the Obama Administration handed over 400-million-dollars in cash directly to the terrorist-supporting leadership in Iran. Hundreds of millions of dollars in pallets of flown-in foreign currency was delivered directly to the Iranians.  Experts believe this act, perpetrated as a result of Jeanne Shaheen’s vote, sent huge sums to fund terrorism.

I oppose dangerous deals which give cash to terrorists.