New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate of any state in the nation.  That did not happen by accident.

For many years we have had common sense conservative leadership at the state level which has helped push back and stop destructive policies which would harm our economy. 

As New Hampshire’s Speaker of the House I helped lead the charge on many of these issues:  cutting government red tape which would kill jobs and helping streamline agencies so we could support New Hampshire’s job creators.

As a successful small businessman and job creator, I know that supporting our small businesses in New Hampshire is critical to fueling innovation and creating an economic environment which helps all job creators, large and small.

Jeanne Shaheen feels otherwise.

The bipartisan NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business, reported that Jeanne Shaheen voted more than 80% of the time against our small businesses here in New Hampshire. She’s putting Washington big government first.

As a successful small business owner, I will fight for New Hampshire’s job creators and I will put you first.

Our border problems are simply out of control.   Recently we have seen upwards of 100,000 apprehensions by Customs and Border Patrol on our southern border. 

Statistics show there were more apprehensions in one month on our Southern Border than the total population of Manchester, our largest city.

Urging people to cross our border illegally or allowing people to take advantage of a broken asylum process has created a humanitarian crisis, a fiscal burden on U.S. taxpayers, and a strain on the hard working men and woman in both Customs and Border Patrol and ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

I support LEGAL immigration.  My own son-in-law who I love dearly is a new citizen. 

But those who break the law to come here must leave.  And those who want to come here illegally must be stopped.   

Jeanne Shaheen has a different position.

Shaheen has voted repeatedly to encourage illegal immigration by shielding sanctuary cities who throw out a welcome mat for those entering illegally.

When it comes to illegal immigration, I simply believe Illegal is Illegal.

So unlike Jeanne Shaheen, I will oppose federal support for any city who seeks to help or shield others who have broken federal immigration law.  I will support fixing our border including building a stronger, longer wall.

Because an open border is not only an open invitation for illegal immigrants, it is also an open invitation for drug smugglers and human traffickers who are helping create an opioid crisis here in New Hampshire and enabling those who seek to abuse women and children.

I do not just talk about lowering taxes and fees, I have done it.

As New Hampshire’s Speaker of the House I led the fight to rein in wasteful government spending, I stopped any efforts to increase taxes, and I helped produce a budget which raised no fees.

Because fees are just another form of taxes.

That’s why as Speaker of the NH House, I helped eliminate the auto registration surcharge, which was costing our residents and small businesses between $30 and $75 every year for each vehicle they registered, putting $90 million back in our citizens’ pockets.

To fulfill a commitment to reduce the highest business tax rate in the nation, I helped usher through 10 new laws to reduce taxes for those creating jobs and growing the economy of New Hampshire.  Because a growing economy helps businesses provide wage increases and improve the lives of New Hampshire families.

As our Senator I will fight tax increases which harm New Hampshire residents.  I will work to reduce fees wherever possible and I will seek to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in federal government budgets and agencies.

Importantly I will not support a so-called Green New Deal which is really more about getting the green from your pocketbook, purse, or wallet. 

The ultimate test of the extremists Washington push toward socialism, the “Green New Deal” would cost trillions of dollars and tank New Hampshire’s economy.

The former Director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said the Green New Deal would cost tens of trillions of dollars. It would cost each New Hampshire family an average of more than $250 per month in higher electric bills.  Including all the costs for all price increases for items impacted by the Green New Deal it would add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost per household for this extreme, socialist program.

So, when a vote came to oppose this extreme socialist idea what did Jeanne Shaheen do? 

She didn’t put New Hampshire first.  No, she ran away.

She refused to vote “No.” Three Democrats and an Independent had the courage to vote with Republicans to say No. But all Jeanne Shaheen would do was vote “present.” Jeanne Shaheen’s complaint, in a tweet, was that: it doesn’t change the law enough or establish new programs.

For Jeanne Shaheen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist new deal didn’t go far enough.

That’s extreme and that’s wrong for New Hampshire!

Healthcare costs and prescription drug costs continue to be a problem in this country even after the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, known by many as Obamacare.

Costs continue to go up.  There is still a lack of transparency as most people still find it difficult to understand hospital and doctor billing.

The best healthcare decisions are made between the patient and their doctor.  But now Washington continues to creep further and further into the medical room with government bureaucrats becoming more and more intrenched in healthcare.

The day she cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, Jeanne Shaheen promised us that it would be “more cost-effective health care.”  Well in New Hampshire those forced into this system lost their private health insurance, insurance she and other politicians had promised people they could keep. And those who chose a Silver ACA Plan saw their Premiums go up over 77% in just one year from 2017 to 2018.

Overall increases in ACA/Obamacare premiums in New Hampshire have averaged 21% per year over the course of the last three years.

When it comes to health care Jeanne Shaheen keeps talking and talking, she keeps press releasing and press releasing – catering to her liberal base which are the special interest groups in Washington, DC.  The result is that New Hampshire residents keep paying and paying.

Worse, Jeanne Shaheen advocated for killing Medicare as we know it with the Bernie Sanders “Medicare for All” socialist scheme she endorsed in 2017.  The projected cost of this socialism: Nearly $1.4 trillion a year.  As CNN reported: “to pay for it, all Americans and job creators would see a tax hike.”  All Americans – all New Hampshire taxpayers – would pay more for her scheme and see Medicare for the elderly wrecked in the process.

Recently she flip-flopped.  She said, “I don’t think we are in a position yet where we can get rid of private insurance.”

Yet… “YET?”

She is playing politics with people’s healthcare. She is playing politics with people’s lives.

As your Senator I won’t work for the Washington, DC liberal elite.  I will fight to protect people with pre-existing conditions while at the same time working for reforms to actually help lower the cost and improve healthcare.


We need to look at other successful reforms to continue fixing this problem, including the use of Guaranteed Benefit Pools to stabilize insurance markets, increase the likelihood of increased competition, lower healthcare costs, and improve care.  We need to work on price transparency and get to the root of these problems.

I grew up as the son of the Greatest Generation.

My father answered the call of Pearl Harbor and sacrificed his time for this nation and gave this country his career as an Army officer in a large war, World War II, and in the years – and two wars – that followed.

I was born on one of our nation’s military bases.  My youth was spent moving from military base to base as my father – as all in my family – served the nation.

As our next Senator I will always stand up for Veterans who sacrificed so that we can all enjoy the freedom and prosperity our nation has today. 

I will support innovation at the VA, I will always stand up against unfair VA wait times for treatment, and I will support NH Veterans who need help with services.

For those who are still serving, I will ensure they have the tools to get the job done; that includes military assets built and created by the great workers of New Hampshire, including those who work at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

America is the greatest nation in the world because we have a history steeped in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Part of our pursuit of happiness in New Hampshire is enjoying our great outdoors.  That includes those who enjoy not only hiking, as my wife Roxy and I have done regularly, but also those who pursue our traditional activities including hunting and fishing.

I will stand up for our traditions here in New Hampshire and our Constitution.

That includes standing up for our Constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment Rights enjoyed by law-abiding citizens. 

Whenever possible I will oppose those who seek to limit our freedoms which so many of us cherish in the Live Free, Or Die State of New Hampshire.  My record as Speaker of the New Hampshire House shows I won’t let you down.

Jeanne Shaheen wants taxpayers to pay for abortion. That’s not New Hampshire, that is extreme.

As intended by our founders, I will support a culture of life.

Our Senior Citizens worked hard and helped build the great state and nation we have today.

Social Security and Medicare is a promise our nation made to our Seniors. I won’t let that promise be destroyed or forgotten.

I will stand up to protect Social Security and Medicare. I won’t let politicians like Bernie Sanders and Jeanne Shaheen destroy the current Medicare system so many Seniors are depending by replacing it with a “Medicare-for-All” system.

I will work to ensure the promise of Social Security and Medicare continues for future generations.

Step one in solving the Opioid Crisis is for our nation to get control of our Southern Border.

Too many drugs flow over our border unstopped.  For the protection our nation we must fix the southern border.

As a former School Board Member, I am particularly concerned about how the Opioid Crisis continues to impact our children as they come in contact with danger of opioids from seeing opportunities to abuse them or as they witness family members struggling with addiction.

As our next Senator I will continue to support law enforcement as they deal with this deadly crisis. I will work to fix our southern border.  And, I will support treatment for those addicted.

As a nation we must remain vigilant in the world.

We must guard against cyber warfare. We must ensure our troops have support at home.  We must ensure that our American ideas are protected from those who would steal our technology or intellectual property.

As our next Senator I will stand tall for America to ensure that our interests are maintained in the world.  I support the President in his efforts to rein in those who seek to steal our intellectual property or unfairly profit off our markets without opening up their markets to Americans.

I will also oppose bad foreign policy deals like the failed Iran Nuclear Deal.

Jeanne Shaheen voted for the failed Iran Nuclear Deal – a deal American Jewish leaders called “unacceptable” and continued to give Iran a path to nuclear weapons.

Worse, CNN reported her vote led to a secret deal where the Obama Administration handed over 400-million-dollars in cash directly to the terrorist-supporting leadership in Iran. Hundreds of millions of dollars in pallets of flown-in foreign currency was delivered directly to the Iranians.  Experts believe this act, perpetrated as a result of Jeanne Shaheen’s vote, sent huge sums to fund terrorism.

I oppose dangerous deals which give cash to terrorists.

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