Jobs & Economy

Jobs & Economy

New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate of any state in the nation.  That did not happen by accident.

For many years we have had common sense conservative leadership at the state level which has helped push back and stop destructive policies which would harm our economy. 

As New Hampshire’s Speaker of the House I helped lead the charge on many of these issues:  cutting government red tape which would kill jobs and helping streamline agencies so we could support New Hampshire’s job creators.

As a successful small businessman and job creator, I know that supporting our small businesses in New Hampshire is critical to fueling innovation and creating an economic environment which helps all job creators, large and small.

Jeanne Shaheen feels otherwise.

The bipartisan NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business, reported that Jeanne Shaheen voted more than 80% of the time against our small businesses here in New Hampshire. She’s putting Washington big government first.

As a successful small business owner, I will fight for New Hampshire’s job creators and I will put you first.