National Debt

Our National Debt is now Over 23 Trillion Dollars
and Still Climbing.


The size of our national debt is so large, that for most people such a staggering amount is truly incomprehensible.  The only way to begin to understand what a figure of this magnitude represents is to consider how much each of us owes when the nation debt is divided by the total population of our country.  When that is done, “your fair share” of the national debt exceeds $72,000.

This is a testimony to just how badly our elected representatives in the US Congress and Senate have failed us and our progeny. 

It is utterly immoral for our government to continually spend well beyond what we can pay for knowing that our bills will come due and have to be paid for by those who have not even been born yet. 

Currently, from the moment a new child is born in this country – long before they finish school or get a job – he or she is saddled with over $72,000 dollars in debt from our government’s irresponsible overspending.

This is a horrible legacy to leave for our children and grandchildren.  We must elect new leaders with the discipline and courage to get our country’s financial house in order.