Voting in the Republican Primary:
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

There is a registration deadline to both change your party to the Republican Party and to register to vote. 

Please contact your local Town or City Clerk for specific deadlines.  Find their contact information here:

Learn how and register to vote here: 

Answers to Questions Provided by New Hampshire’s Secretary of State

Can I vote in a primary if I am an undeclared voter?

Yes.  An undeclared voter may vote in a state primary or a presidential primary. You will be required to choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot when you go to vote.

How do I change my party affiliation?

You may change your party affiliation with the clerk of the town or city where you are domiciled or at any scheduled meeting of the supervisors of the checklist except for during the period of time between the first day of the filing period for the primary election and/or the presidential primary election and the date of the primary election itself.  

Where can I look up my voter registration status?

Voters that have provided their date of birth on a voter registration form may go to the Secretary of State’s Registered Voter web link .  The person must enter their first name, last name, town or city, date of birth, and complete the security entry.  If the name, town or city, and date of birth are the same as what was provided in their voter registration form, their name, voter ID, and party affiliation, if any, will be displayed. 

What if my party affiliation that is displayed on the Secretary of State’s website is not correct?

Voters should contact their local supervisors of the checklist or town/city clerk 

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