Keeping Our Military Strong

Keeping the Military Strong

I grew up as the son of the Greatest Generation.

My father answered the call of Pearl Harbor and sacrificed his time for this nation and gave this country his career as an Army officer in a large war, World War II, and in the years – and two wars – that followed.

I was born on one of our nation’s military bases.  My youth was spent moving from military base to base as my father – as all in my family – served the nation.

As our next Senator I will always stand up for Veterans who sacrificed so that we can all enjoy the freedom and prosperity our nation enjoys today.  We must ensure that our troops have the respect, support, and medical care they deserve while serving and after retirement.

I will support innovation at the VA to eliminate unfair wait times for treatment, and I will support helping NH Veterans obtain any other services they have need of.

For those who are still serving, I will ensure they have the tools to get the job done.  That includes the best military assets – some of which are created and built right here by the great workers of New Hampshire at BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and many others.